A guided tour of the religious places of Cortona

Cortona Religious Tour

Religious Places

In the footsteps of Saint Francis

max 3 hours



This guided tour of Cortona is focused on the places that were very close to Saint Francis' heart like Hermitage Le Celle that he founded in Cortona and on Fra Elia Coppi, one of Saint Francis' first devout followers who became a general minister of the Franciscan Order after his death.

Our tour will start from the Franciscan Hermitage Le Celle, a place full of deep religiousness and mysticism, nestled in the luxuriant greenery of the mountains surrounding Cortona.

Then we will move to the town center to visit the Church of San Francesco, the second Franciscan church in Italy after the one in Assisi, whose construction was strongly endorsed by Fra Elia Coppi, an extremely cultivated man with great determination who probably also designed the church.

The Cortona Religious Tour will end with a visit to the Church of Santa Margherita, dedicated to the patron saint of the town who became a tertiary of the Franciscan Order and founded the Order of the so-called Mantellate or Cloak-wearing Sisters.


Easy (a means of transport is needed to get around in the town surroundings).

What you are going to see:

the Hermitage Le Celle, the Church of San Francesco, the Church of Santa Margherita.