Guided tours in the Casentino Valley

The Casentino Valley

The green lung of Tuscany

The three chests of Casentino: La Verna, Camaldoli and Poppi

Cortona Tourist Guide will make you explore the Casentino valley, crossed by river Arno and encircled by high mountains, a region that is rich in history, art, unspoiled landscapes and local traditions.

The Casentino area is really interesting not only for its important historic and artistic value but also for its naturalistic and environmental heritage thanks to which it is considered the biggest and best preserved green lung in the whole of Tuscany.

In the Middle Ages the Casentino was governed by Earls Guidi and their castles in Poppi and Romena (the most renowned ones), situated on hilltops along important roads and mandatory pathways, are still towering above the valley.

The Casentino has always been a land full of great spirituality and mysticism as shown by its monasteries, hermitages and convents. It is no coincidence that the history of this valley was marked by two important saints: Saint Francis of Assisi, who received the sacred stigmata in 1224 on Mount La Verna and Saint Romuald, who founded the Hermitage and the Monastery of Camaldoli.

This guided tour of Casentino by Cortona Tourist Guide will lead you to discover beautiful Romanesque parish churches, like the Parish Church of Socana, built on an ancient Etruscan site, and the Parish Church of Romena, a real jewel of Romanesque art.

Finally, you will have the chance to taste local specialties such as the grey pork, the red potatoes produced in Cetica, chestnuts, pecorino cheese, porcini mushrooms and Nesta apples. Another renowned local product is the so-called Panno del Casentino, a wool fabric made in Stia, where it is possible to visit the wool factory and the Museum of Wool upon request.