Guided tour of Camaldoli


The Hermitage and the Monastery

A monastic complex surrounded by the Forests of Casentino

max 3 hours



During our guided tour in Casentino led by the qualified tour guides of Cortona Tourist Guide you will go into a forest made of high fir trees that jealously encircle the monastic complex of Camaldoli, one of the greatest religious places in Tuscany.

The Order of Camaldolese monks was established in the early 11th century by Saint Romuald, a Benedictine monk who decided to stop in this area during his pilgrimage trips within the central Apennines region. The Camaldolese Congregation combines community and solitary practice and for this reason a hermitage and a monastery have been built in the same monastic complex. This union is also represented in the Camaldolese Order coat of arms, which consists of two doves drinking from the same chalice.

During our guided tour of Camaldoli we will visit the Monastery and its marvelous cloister, the Church dedicated to San Donato and Sant'Ilariano and the beautiful works by Giorgio Vasari preserved inside the church and the old chemists' shop that still sells all the products made by the Camaldolese monks. Then we will move to the Hermitage of Camaldoli to visit Saint Romuald's cell and the Church of Salvatore, where a precious Virgin Mary by Andrea della Robbia is on display.


Easy (a means of transport is needed to visit the Hermitage of Camaldoli).