Guided tour of the Sanctuary of La Verna

Casentino Sanctuary of La Verna

The Rock of La Verna

A place of worship for devout followers of Saint Francis

max 3 hours



Through this guided tour in Casentino Cortona Tourist Guide will make you get to know a place of worship, prayers and faith that was dear to Saint Francis of Assisi. As the history goes, he used to come to this rough and stony mountain to pray and do penance and it's here that he received the sacred stigmata in 1224. Since then, La Verna has become over time a place of great spirituality surrounded by a mystic and highly evocative environment.

During our guided tour of the Sanctuary of La Verna we will visit the Upper Basilica dell’Assunta, the little Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, the corridor and the Chapel of the Stigmata and the so-called Sasso Spicco, a huge protruding rock in front of which Saint Francis used to pray.

The Renaissance glazed terracotta works of art made by Andrea and Giovanni della Robbia that are preserved in these places are very relevant from the historic and artistic points of view.