The Archaeological Tour of Cortona

Cortona Archaeological Tour

Archaeological Park and Maec Museum

The town of the Etruscan principes

max 6 hours

medium difficulty

entrance ticket to the MAEC Museum and to the Archaeological Park

The starting point of the Cortona Archaeological Tour is Sodo, a hamlet close to Cortona famous for two Etruscan tombs. Here we will visit the so-called Meloni, two burial mounds that were found in this area, and we will stop to admire in particular the extraordinary beauty of a monumental altar located near the Tumulo II of Sodo, which is really unique of its kind among the local Etruscan art finds.

Then we will visit Cortona, an Etruscan town surrounded by imposing city walls that are very well preserved. Once arrived in Piazza della Repubblica, the ancient forum of the Etruscan and Roman town together with the adjacent Piazza Signorelli, we will visit the MAEC Museum (Museo dell’Accademia Etrusca e della Città di Cortona), which holds an exceptional range of grave goods coming from the Etruscan tombs of the Archaological Park as well as the famous Tabula Cortonensis and a remarkable Etruscan bronze lamp.


Medium, with some short uphill stretches.

What you are going to see:

Burial mounds Melone I and Melone II of the Archaeological Park in Sodo, Porta Bifora, Piazza della Repubblica, MAEC Museum.