Guided tour of Anghiari


One of the most beautiful villages in Italy

A little medieval jewel in Tuscany

max 6 hours


entrance ticket to the museum of Palazzo Taglieschi and to Palazzo della Battaglia with the Museo delle Memorie e del Paesaggio nella Terra di Anghiari (the visits are available upon request)

The guided tour of Anghiari with Cortona Tourist Guide will lead you to discover the major art monuments of this town such as: the Church of the Badia, founded in 1104-1105 by the Camaldolese monks but renovated in the 15th century, which preserves an important sculpture representing the Virgin and Child made by famous sculptor Tino di Camaino; the Church of Sant'Agostino, whose origins are connected to Thomas Becket, the archbishop of Canterbury who stayed in town in the 12th century; Palazzo Pretorio, decorated with frescoes and many coats of arms belonging to the podestas and vicars who governed Anghiari; and the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie where wonderful Florentine paintings of the 16th century are on display.

The guided tour of Anghiari may include upon request a visit to the Museo Statale di Palazzo Taglieschi, which has significant works of art made from the 14th to the 18th century and a visit to the Museo delle Memorie e del Paesaggio nella Terra di Anghiari, which has a copy (the original painting has disappeared) of the famous painting called The Battle of Anghiari, made by a genius of the Renaissance times, Leonardo Da Vinci.

It may also be possible to add a visit to the local Manifattura Busatti, a factory founded in the mid 1800s that produces refined fabrics and textiles for house decoration by using high-quality natural fibers like linen, hemp, wool and cotton.


Half a day (max 3 hours) or a full day (max 6 hours).